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Ep25 Why is PENTATONIX So Good? Vocal Analysis (Evolution of Ariana Grande)

We all know that Pentatonix is awesome but how and why? In this video I do a simple breakdown of various points in this Vocal Analysis series. Which one is your favourite singer? Comment below and let me know! (Btw I realised that I had indeed referred to Kirsten wrongly. So sorry that my eyes…
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Ep24 VOCAL ANALYSIS – Annie Jones AGT America’s Got Talent (Vocal Coach Reaction)

Hi guys, here’s my analysis on Annie Jones‘ performance on AGT (America’s Got Talent). She is so good!!!! You may watch Annie Jones’ AGT Full Performance here first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxxPu… Please SHARE, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you enjoy my vocal analysis series … so that I’ll receive the love and continue the work! 🙂…
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Ep23 VOCAL ANALYSIS – AGT Ashley Marina Sings 3 Times For America’s Got Talent

Why did Ashley Marina sing 3 times at America’s Got Talent (AGT)? This video was a ‘must-do’ for me because I wanted to convey a few points, especially to people who would like to take part in auditions/competitions. Here’s my vocal reaction & analysis video: In short: “Be careful with song choice – make sure…
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