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Efficient Learning

How to select a song for my singing voice? What to consider?

Ep22 What Songs Suit My Singing Voice? (Competition/Performance/Audition) (Best Songs for My Voice)

This is a video response to a YouTube subscriber who left this question in a comment. I’m sure that this is a question that many people wonder about! Here are 6 factors to consider about + some bonus insights. What do you need to consider before deciding on what songs suit your singing voice? These…
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One Tip To Improve Singing Instantly Fast

Ep5 ONE TIP To Improve Your Singing Instantly (DEMO)

There are many tips for singing well, but if I can give just ONE tip to improve anyone’s singing, this would be it. Opening the mouth is something that is often overlooked, even if there are good support techniques. It may seem painfully obvious to some, but it is actually mostly overlooked by many. Record…
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2-Step Deep Breathing Support Technique

Ep1 2-Step Deep Breathing Support Technique for Singers (DEMO)

This is singing fundamental 101 and what I always teach first and foremost for every student who walks through the door, even to those who have been singing for some time, or have already learnt from another vocal teacher. Find out how to work DEEP BREATHING and SUPPORT for singing, and why technically it’s wrong…
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