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幸福不难 志在四方 怎么唱 Serene Koong

Ep 17 怎么唱《幸福不难》[志在四方]主题曲

Thank you Ying Ying for coming onto my Youtube channel for this #SingingTransformation series. Let’s see if you can hear the difference in how she sings (part 2 coming right up…..!) ++Download checklist for “7 Singing TECHNIQUES To Transform Your Singing” below++ http://tiny.cc/mjhm5y If you are facing any difficulties in singing, you might be missing…
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How to sing Titanium SIA

Ep 16 How to Sing “Titanium” #SingingTransformation

An old video that I recorded with Esther earlier this year but had to be shelved due to family matters. Time to come back to SingingTechniques 🙆‍♀️ Watch how Esther’s singing was transformed within a lesson’s time. Please SUBSCRIBE and SHARE (more videos to come!) 


Ep2 Deep Breathing (Belly) vs Shallow Breathing (Chest) – Check Yourself Guide

If you usually feel a TIGHTNESS in your chest during singing, you are most probably using SHALLOW BREATHING, and this video is for you. This video shows Deep Breathing (Belly) vs Shallow Breathing (Chest), and steps you can take to make sure you are not doing CHEST / SHALLOW breathing. Keep exploring and keep it…
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