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3rd Misconception About Singing (Mentality)

This afternoon while I was teaching a student, he suddenly said something that blew me away.   “Wow. I didn’t know that singing is like…… a sport”  Indeed. We come into the world of singing thinking that singing is….. singing. Here are some common misconceptions (let’s KonMari them now) 1. Open your mouth and just sing   vs      Be mindful…
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Misconception #2 – Squeeze Your Singing Like A Toothpaste

A few days ago while I was brushing my teeth, I thought about using a toothpaste tube to describe how people typically squeeze themselves when they sing (who else feels like we can multi-task while brushing our teeth pls shout too).  It is rather common for people to have the impression that singing (high notes in particular) feels…
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Airy tone during singing Top 3 Misconceptions about singing

Top 3 Misconceptions About Singing – #1 Airy Tones

I’ve been teaching for years, but I never fail to be amazed how universally, no matter which corner of the world you’re from, what languages you speak, or how much passion you have for singing, the misconceptions people generally have about singing are the same. I see this interesting pattern in almost every student who comes to me, and I thought that…
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Ep25 Why is PENTATONIX So Good? Vocal Analysis (Evolution of Ariana Grande)

We all know that Pentatonix is awesome but how and why? In this video I do a simple breakdown of various points in this Vocal Analysis series. Which one is your favourite singer? Comment below and let me know! (Btw I realised that I had indeed referred to Kirsten wrongly. So sorry that my eyes…
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Ep24 VOCAL ANALYSIS – Annie Jones AGT America’s Got Talent (Vocal Coach Reaction)

Hi guys, here’s my analysis on Annie Jones‘ performance on AGT (America’s Got Talent). She is so good!!!! You may watch Annie Jones’ AGT Full Performance here first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxxPu… Please SHARE, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you enjoy my vocal analysis series … so that I’ll receive the love and continue the work! 🙂…
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Ep23 VOCAL ANALYSIS – AGT Ashley Marina Sings 3 Times For America’s Got Talent

Why did Ashley Marina sing 3 times at America’s Got Talent (AGT)? This video was a ‘must-do’ for me because I wanted to convey a few points, especially to people who would like to take part in auditions/competitions. Here’s my vocal reaction & analysis video: In short: “Be careful with song choice – make sure…
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How to select a song for my singing voice? What to consider?

Ep22 What Songs Suit My Singing Voice? (Competition/Performance/Audition) (Best Songs for My Voice)

This is a video response to a YouTube subscriber who left this question in a comment. I’m sure that this is a question that many people wonder about! Here are 6 factors to consider about + some bonus insights. What do you need to consider before deciding on what songs suit your singing voice? These…
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Reaction video The Prayer Lady Gaga Celine Dion Andrea Bocelli John Legend Lang Lang

Ep21 Vocal Coach Reaction to “The Prayer” featuring Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Lady Gaga, John Legend, Lang Lang

My first reaction video… I never wanted to do reaction videos, but this one made me feel like I NEED to do a video response to it. I hope that my observations and analysis help you to take on this big song better! +Download checklist for “7 Singing TECHNIQUES To Transform Your Singing” here+ If…
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Ep20 How To Sing “Always Remember Us This Way” (Lady Gaga) #SingingTransformation

How To Sing “Always Remember Us This Way” (Lady Gaga)

How to Sing 怎么唱 可惜没如果 林俊杰

Ep 19 怎么唱【可惜没如果】(林俊杰)#SingingTransformation #声音改造 (Cici)

Thank you Cici for volunteering for my #SingingTransformation series! It was so fun! ++Download checklist for “7 Singing TECHNIQUES To Transform Your Singing”++ If you are facing any difficulties in singing, you might be missing out on one or a few of these 7 techniques. Download this PDF to cross-check if you are singing correctly!Thank…
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