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3rd Misconception About Singing (Mentality)

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3rd Misconception About Singing (Mentality)

This afternoon while I was teaching a student, he suddenly said something that blew me away.


“Wow. I didn’t know that singing is like…… a sport” 
We come into the world of singing thinking that singing is….. singing.
Here are some common misconceptions
(let’s KonMari them now)

1. Open your mouth and just sing   vs 
    Be mindful of what you’re doing when you sing

Don’t get it wrong. Professional singers still think about techniques when they sing (and many of them have vocal coaches too). They may not think about techniques as often as a beginner singer does (since most techniques are already automated), but they still do for the challenging parts of the songs.If you are not thinking about what you’re doing while you sing, then you may be

a) somebody who hasn’t taken singing lessons before and hence are not aware of singing techniques (totally forgivable)

b) taking singing lessons but sometimes forget to think about techniques (understandably cos it takes time for the mental system to get imprinted), or

c) drunk 😜

When we play badminton or tennis, we know that it’s not as simple as picking up the racquet and swinging hard at the ball (though most people can do that 😂). There is a system of footwork and hand swings at certain angles that we need to train for……until they are automated. And it’s the same for singing.

When we are mindful of what we are doing when we sing, we have MORE CONTROL over what sound we produce….


2. It is just about knowing the techniques vs

    It is about knowing the techniques + train for them consistently anyway

Knowing the techniques is great but the muscles that control the techniques get rusty if we don’t use them consistently. Our singing instrument requires us to oil it regularly through practice.For eg, it would be very hard for someone to train to run 3km in 10minutes, then stop the training for 3 months, and have the expectation to hit 3km in 10mins again immediately after the break 😆

Singing feels more like a sport because consistent practice is crucial.
Professional singers practise consistently, because they know that once they stop, their instrument takes a hit.


3. Just sing from my mouth vs
Sing using my body

Singing is not just about opening the mouth to sing… our whole body is our singing instrument.. Hence when there is any tension in the body, our voice tone reflects that too (tone sounds tight). When we don’t get sufficient sleep, our voice tone suffers too.

Because singers need consistent practice, and requires taking great care of their bodies and healthsingers are just like athletes. 

Singers may not come up first when it comes to sprinting or sit-up competitions, but the ability to keep singing for a long duration of time (without hurting themselves) requires a certain type of stamina. Many beginners may feel tired out when they first go for lessons, because it is all about training and building up on the set of muscles for singing.


I hope the above helped cleared up the misconceptions that people generally have about singing. Have a great week ahead, and may you find some time for singing this week 🥳