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Ep20 How To Sing “Always Remember Us This Way” (Lady Gaga) #SingingTransformation

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Ep20 How To Sing “Always Remember Us This Way” (Lady Gaga) #SingingTransformation

Thank you Felyn for coming onboard this #SingingTransformation series! This song is very challenging with a switching of mix and falsetto and belting. This is just a small glimpse of what most beginners will be dealing with. Have fun !

2:33 – Tip 1 – Open Up The Space
3:30 – Tip 2 – Deep Breathing & Support
5:19 – Tip 3 – Drop The Jaw
7:30 – Tip 4 – Use The Right Muscles
8:19 – Tip 5 – Power of Consonants
9:16 – Tip 6 – Belting

Download this PDF to cross-check if you are singing correctly!
++Download checklist for “7 Singing TECHNIQUES To Transform Your Singing” below++

If you are facing any difficulties in singing, you might be missing out on one or a few of these 7 techniques.


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