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Ep 17 怎么唱《幸福不难》[志在四方]主题曲

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Ep 17 怎么唱《幸福不难》[志在四方]主题曲

幸福不难 志在四方 怎么唱 Serene Koong

Thank you Ying Ying for coming onto my Youtube channel for this #SingingTransformation series. Let’s see if you can hear the difference in how she sings (part 2 coming right up…..!)

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Singing Transformation: How to Sing 《说散就散》by JC https://youtu.be/sl0FF4djeDA

How To Find The RIGHT KEY for a song (Karaoke/Live Band) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciu6c

What To Sing Falsetto? How To Sing Falsetto? (Falsetto vs Head Voice Demonstration) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciu6c

Am I Tone-Deaf? Tone Deaf Test + Tips to Improve Pitching / Sing On Pitch (Demonstration) https://youtu.be/al9wCc66aIM

One Tip to Improve Your Singing INSTANTLY: https://youtu.be/V1uoCXhpK50

How To Belt High Notes (Like Celine Dion) https://youtu.be/VElnA_iCkWQ

Top 10 Foods To Avoid Before Singing – What Not To Eat Guide For Singers https://youtu.be/vBvN2amEq2o

Deep Breathing (Belly) vs Shallow Breathing (Chest) – Check Yourself Guide (Singers Alert) https://youtu.be/6j9TmjSHk-g

Deep Breath Support for Singers – “Sing From The Diaphragm?” // 2-Step Technique (Demonstration) https://youtu.be/fT8k8AH7X0U ***************************************
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