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After-thoughts of Students’ Concert Dec 18 (16 Dec 18)

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After-thoughts of Students’ Concert Dec 18 (16 Dec 18)

Students concert singapore singing guitar

We did it! And I was wowed by my students, and students of BedHairGuitarist. It was nerve-wrecking for most of them to perform to an audience, and some of them were even first-timers! We were grateful to have venue sponsorship from The 1925 Brewing Company (Joo Chiat), and thank you to so many people who came down to support/ check out our students. The space was maxed out and we apologise to those who had to stand outside (we will plan this aspect better for our next concert):

Students concert singapore singing guitar

Why do we insist on doing students’ concerts twice a year?

Taking regular lessons (weekly, or at the very least, fortnightly) is a discipline if you want to learn any form of art. Not many people understand the importance of consistency and regular efforts in this day and age of fast-food-speed world (sorry but true!!), but this is a basic 101 that underlies all kinds of learning. To support our students who have been putting in time and effort in their pursue of excellence for this performing art, we decided a students’ concert is great for 3 reasons:

  1. It marks a milestone for every 6 months of learning (celebratory purpose)
  2. The true test of a performer is always on the stage, when you perform to many people whom you don’t know (or know). Many of our students realised that they can execute the techniques in the comfort of my room (or their own room), but when they stand in front of an audience, they find it difficult to concentrate on what they are supposed to do for their performance. Performing ‘live’ hence becomes a ‘test’. (learning purpose)
  3. Speaking from experiences – we ALWAYS learn something about ourselves after a performance, and that’s how we can truly grow, holistically as a performer (learning purpose)

I am so long-winded. Anyway here is our 12-song showcase:

Leon Lim

小瓶子 – James on guitar, Leon on vocals

Nivian Chia

Don’t be a fool (L-R): Boon Chye (saxophone), James (guitar), Nivian (vocals)

Yu Jinzi

搁浅 (L-R): Kenneth (guitar), Jinzi (vocals)

Aaron Ho

晴天 (L-R): Kenneth (guitar) & Aaron on vocals (both first-timers!)

Dionne Chua

When you say nothing at all (L-R): Justin (bedhairguitarist), Aramia (guitar), Dionne (vocals)

Bella Dai

关键词 (L-R): Kenneth (guitar), Bella (vocals)

Sandy Lee

为你写诗 (L-R): James (guitar), Sandy (vocals)

Angela Yeo & Leon Lim

不该 (L-R): Justin(bedhairguitarist), Angela & Leon on vocals

Amara & Dionne

Let it snow (L-R): Justin (bedhairguitarist), Amara & Dionne on vocals

Amara Luo

Have yourself a merry little Christmas (L-R): Justin (bedhairguitarist), Amara on vocals

Angela Yeo

All I want for Christmas is you (L-R): Justin (bedhairguitarist), Aramia (guitar), Angela (vocals)

Bella Dai & Nivian Chia

My Only Wish (L-R): Boon Chye (saxophone), Justin (bedhairguitarist), Aramia (guitar), Nivian & Bella (vocals)

Group Photo 1

Students from SingingTechniques & BedHairGuitarist who performed at this concert

Group Photo 1

Celebrity Chef Ivan Yeo

And a shoutout to celebrity chef Ivan Yeo who sponsored the venue in support of fellow musicians!

We are looking forward to the next one!

Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel as we’ll be releasing some clips very soon!

Merry Xmas!!