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Month: August 2018

Efficient Learning

Breathe Through Nose or Mouth for Singing

Ep 11 SingingTransformation #1 (说散就散 by JC)

I know how it frustrating it can be to struggle hitting the high notes when it comes to singing your favourite songs. One of my students, Sandy, enthusiastically took up my#SingingTransformation challenge – actually the challenge was more on me – to let her understand how high notes (or any notes) should be sung. We were…
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Breathe Through Nose or Mouth for Singing

Ep10 Breathe through my Nose or Mouth When Singing – 5 Reasons to Breathe through Mouth

Every time I meet a new student, this comes up rather inevitably.  “Should I breathe through my nose or my mouth when I sing?”  Classic question by beginner singing students!  Sometimes singing students don’t realise that they are using their nose to draw in air for some parts of the song, and the mouth for…
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How to Sing Harmony Harmonising Sing You Are The Reason

Ep 9 “How To Sing Harmony?” SERIES (You Are The Reason by Calum Scott & Leona Lewis)

Harmonising is a skill that comes relatively easy for some, but usually difficult for the majority of us. Training to sing harmony can take the form of learning to hear and sing chords, but the FASTEST WAY to learn harmony is to keep singing harmony lines of songs, and this accumulation of knowledge will make…
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How To Find The Key Of A Song Right Key Karaoke Live Band

Ep 8 How To Find The Right Key For A Song? (Karaoke/ Live Band) (FREE DOWNLOAD to check your key!)

Do you know how to find the RIGHT KEY for your song? Do you know that you can and are supposed to up / down the key when you go karaoke? (Many people don’t!) Watch this video to find out how you may find the key for a song, and find the best key for…
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