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Month: July 2018

Efficient Learning

What is falsetto How to Sing Falsetto Head Voice Vs falsetto

Ep7 What is Falsetto? How To Sing Falsetto? (Falsetto vs Head Voice Demonstration)

What Is Falsetto? How do I sing Falsetto? In this video, I gave examples of sounds and songs that have FALSETTO, and also fun exercises you can do to produce falsetto! Believe it or not, I used to not be able to sing falsetto, but singing falsetto is actually not as difficult as one thinks.…
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Am I Tone Deaf - Tone Deafness - How To Improve Pitching SIng On Pitch

Ep6 “Am I Tone Deaf?” Tone Deaf Test + Tips to Improve Pitching / Sing On Pitch (Demonstration)

Ever wondered if you are tone-deaf? No, you most probably are not. You just can’t sing very well on pitch, and in this video I explain what is really tone-deafness, and I talked about some methods on how you can IMPROVE pitching and sing better on pitch ?‍♀️ Pls SHARE with your friends, LIKE the video…
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One Tip To Improve Singing Instantly Fast

Ep5 ONE TIP To Improve Your Singing Instantly (DEMO)

There are many tips for singing well, but if I can give just ONE tip to improve anyone’s singing, this would be it. Opening the mouth is something that is often overlooked, even if there are good support techniques. It may seem painfully obvious to some, but it is actually mostly overlooked by many. Record…
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How to belt high notes like Celine Dion

Ep4 How To Belt High Notes Without Strain (Like Celine Dion)(DEMO)

Yay! So I caught Celine Dion‘s concert in Singapore last week, and was so inspired that I decided to do a video on belting techniques. I know that singing high notes is many people’s gripe. Having the ability to sing high notes freely is one of the best feelings in the world, and I want…
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Top 10 Foods To Avoid Before Singing

Ep3 Top 10 Foods To Avoid Before Singing – What Not To Eat Guide For Singers

This is the most frequently asked question from my students, or from people whom I encounter and realise that I’m a singer/vocal coach. “What not to eat before singing?” Here is out list of TOP 10 types of foods you should avoid before singing. To be clear, you are not singing through your throat (!!!)…
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