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Ep1 2-Step Deep Breathing Support Technique for Singers (DEMO)

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Ep1 2-Step Deep Breathing Support Technique for Singers (DEMO)

2-Step Deep Breathing Support Technique

This is singing fundamental 101 and what I always teach first and foremost for every student who walks through the door, even to those who have been singing for some time, or have already learnt from another vocal teacher.

Find out how to work DEEP BREATHING and SUPPORT for singing, and why technically it’s wrong to say “Sing from your diaphragm” (it’s a myth!). And, what is the diaphragm??

If you have a quivering voice when you sing, or if you want to hit higher or lower notes, or simply sustain a longer line when you sing, watch this video.

DISCLAIMER: It may take some time before you feel comfortable with the above techniques. Keep exploring and keep it fun! I post new videos on Insights and Tips into Singing every Tuesday. Subscribe and comment on YouTube with which topic you want to see next!

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