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Because we know that freedom of choice and enjoyment are both as important


Because we know that everyone learns best in different environments, we cater for both Individual and Group lessons, so that you may learn at your best.


No weekly commitment is required though it is recommended for grasping of basic techniques for the first 3 months of lessons.


Nobody likes to be forced to sing songs that they do not resonate with in order to improve singing. Choose the songs you want to excel in and we will work on them together.

Enjoyment is essential!

You do not have to suffer penalty if you can’t make it for the time slot agreed on, either due to Public Holiday or being overseas for work or leisure. You are welcome to arrange and pay for time slots on a lesson basis.


Sing a song and have your singing abilities instantly analysed for areas you may improve on


Regardless of your age, language you prefer to sing in, goals (recreational or professional), SingingTechniques.SG will customise lessons for your unique needs


Because we are so confident of bringing you results by the end of the first lesson,  we offer money back guarantee!

Regular Students Recital

A student showcase performance is organised every July and December of the year for students to have the opportunity to perform, and experience performing on a stage to the public (only for selected students who are ready and have regular lessons)

Free Lessons + Latest News

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7 Techniques to Transform Your Singing

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“7 Techniques To Transform Your Singing” now.


How To Find The Key Of A Song Right Key Karaoke Live Band

Download all the mp3s for the 12 keys to help you finding a key suitable for your voice!


How to Sing Harmony Harmonising Sing You Are The Reason

Download the mp3 of the harmony for “You Are The Reason” by Calum Scott & Leona Lewis so that you can practise on the go!


The Teacher


Armed with 15 years of vocal-teaching experiences, award-winning singer-songwriter Bevlyn has given private singing lessons to people from all walks of life, from children as young as 5-year-old to an 80-year-old grandmother.

As the founder and performer at A Little Dream Live Music, her performing and recording experiences in English, Mandarin, French, Japanese (even Dialects and Spanish) give her insights into the difficulties not just in singing techniques but also techniques specific to the languages themselves. Students are free to choose songs of any languages and genres that they prefer to sing, and Bevlyn will guide them through the series of techniques required to deliver a good performance.

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Students’ Testimonials

“Before I started taking lessons with Bevlyn, I took lessons elsewhere for almost 2 years and progress was minimal there. After my first few lessons with Bevlyn I’ve made more progress than I ever did before. Bevlyn is a very encouraging teacher which helped so much and she makes every lesson fun and engaging. Would 100% recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to sing !”


“I had vocal training under Bevlyn for a couple of years somewhere beginning 2006. I’ve had other vocal lessons prior to that but I felt that I wasn’t making any progress. Bevlyn demonstrated herself to be quite an amazing vocal trainer. She was able to highlight my strengths and weaknesses, and could apply specific techniques to help me improve. She was very meticulous in her approach, and also helped me to understand the many ways that voices could be projected, and the recommended way to project for different genre of songs. I also like the fact that she tried to keep the class fun by making us experiment with different genres like jazz, rock, as well as teaching us harmonizing techniques. I would definitely recommend her as a vocal teacher and is currently planning to send my daughter to be coached by her too!”

David Chua

I started learning singing with Bevlyn half a year ago. I was mind blown that how much we can actually do with our voice. Bevlyn always has unique tricks to teach different individuals. I can feel my progress after every lesson. Despite the techniques that Bevlyn taught me, she is very patient and passionate about music. As an art student, I have crazy or stupid ideas sometimes, and Bevlyn always encourage and support me to achieve my ideas.  Bevlyn also brought us out of the classroom to perform in the public. This experience gave us opportunities to test our skills, and meet new friends.

Bella Dai

“I attended Bevlyn’s vocal classes for almost 2 years; and I transformed from a person who was afraid and shy of holding a mic to someone who is reluctant to let go of it during karaoke sessions. Bevlyn is a vocal teacher who doesn’t exert pressure on her students, but rather points out our weaknesses in singing, and motivates and encourages us to sing better. The fun and laughter she brought to the classes made us feel less stressful and we looked forward to each and every lesson.”

Cassandra Wong

“Taking lessons from Bevlyn is light-hearted and a lot of fun. I like taking vocal lessons from Bevlyn because she is very patient in her guidance and explanation. I had a deep impression of how she is able to explain how to reach a higher note through “yawning”. She genuinely wants her students to enjoy the lessons, which is naturally realised with her positive and happy-go-lucky attitude. When there is a song I want to learn, Bevlyn takes her time to know the music which allows me to learn the songs that I like.”

Chen Jinru

“Had singing lessons with Bevlyn for about 2 years and I really enjoyed it. She taught us singing techniques, and being in a group class, everyone has different capabilities and limitations. Bevlyn was able to use a variety of methods suited to help each individual achieve the objective of the lesson. She is also very encouraging and gently pushes us to expand our boundaries to improve our singing. Class was always fun as we explored songs across different genres and even languages. Definitely highly recommended!!!

Ming Li

“Bevlyn is an encouraging teacher to have. We all need a teacher like her to enjoy our lessons to learn good skills yet keep our interests going. Her passion for music has influenced me positively. Her unique, attentive and detailed teaching method has improved my singing tremendously. Most importantly, I was really having fun for the 2 years of vocal classes with her.”

Celine Aw

“Bevlyn was my vocal instructor for 3+ years. She was a very encouraging teacher and always provided a lot of constructive suggestions that helped me understand my vocals better and allowed me to easily grasp the techniques. I truly enjoyed all my lessons with her and I really feel very fortunate to have been mentored by her!”

Fion Tee

“I need to express the value of Bevlyn’s lessons to my life. Singing is my passion but finding the right teacher who can bring that out in you is rare. Everyone is different, and Bevlyn will teach different methods that suit the individuals so we can learn how to manage our weaknesses and build on our strengths. Bevlyn is definitely an experienced singer and a devoted teacher who teaches with her professional and down-to-earth manner to inspire, motivate and bring out the best in each student. You will discover her sincerity and compassionate towards her students.”


This Is NOT For You If You Want To Learn Via  Karaoke

There is nothing wrong with Karaoke.

We love Karaoke. But just NOT for learning singing. Learn good singing techniques, and show it off during karaoke sessions! (You will learn how to sing along to piano accompaniment)

Basic Singing’s Syllabus is Not Basic

The basics of singing do take some time to get used to in terms of execution. But we take pride in making students quickly understand and execute what is necessary for the fundamentals of singing.

Breathing Techniques You Should Know

Body Posture – Why Our Voice Is Not The Singing Instrument

Position of Voice, Placement; Projection

How to Shape your Mouth Properly for a Good Tone and Vocal Range (besides Diction)

Perils of and Misunderstanding on Airy Tones

Importance of Yawning in Singing

Taking Care Of Your Voice


Bridging You To The Next Level

How to Sustain Long Notes

How to Fade Off Your Singing Properly

How To Improve Sense Of Rhythm

Techniques to Sing a Low Note to a High Note

Techniques to Sing a High Note to a Low Note

How to Improve Vocal Range

Falsetto (vs Real Voice) and Strength

The Relationship of Body Language and Singing

How To Hold a Microphone Properly


We Prepare You To Be Performance Ready

How to Deliver Fast and Groovy Songs

Achieving A Good Sense Of Rhythm

How to Sing Long Lines

How to Deliver Runs

Emotional Interpretation

More Diaphragm Activation

How To Train To Have Stronger Vocals

Styles Of Singing Suited For Different Genres Of Songs

Tips To Deliver A Good Performance

What The Market Really Wants – Unique Tone & Style

Re-Arrangement of Songs for a Unique Style

Concept and Delivery of Harmonies

Recording Techniques & Knowledge

Differentiating Recording in a Booth vs “Live” Performance

How to Count Off A Band (vs Karaoke)

Posture For Performing + Tips (What Not To Do)

Psychology For “Live” Performances

Survival Tips for the Music Industry

Reach For All Your Aspirations…

Learn Singing in the Shortest Time Possible, and Maximise your Potential

nnnnn#Tip 1
The First THING You NEED To Know (And Work On)

The Secret Of Breathing For Singing

We all know that deep breathing, and the usage of the diraphagram are essential for good singing.

What is the diaphragm?

The diaphragm is the major muscle of respiration. It is a large, dome-shaped muscle that contracts rhythmically and continually, and most of the time, involuntarily.

Where is my diaphragm?

The diaphragm is located below the lungs, and upon inhalation, the diaphragm contracts and flattens and the chest cavity enlarges.

But do you know…

… that the correct way of breathing for singing consists of 2 steps?

And do you know…

… that although most literature encourages diaphragmatic breathing, you should pay attention to another area of your body instead?


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